Phones With Wifi

Why Phones With Wifi are a big hit

High resolution camera, touch sensitive screens, Bluetooth technology, accelerometers—what more can we ask for in this world where mobile technology has become more of a need rather than a want? Probably one of the best technologies that have been developed in the mobile community is the incorporation of Wi-Fi access to cellphones. Getting phones with WiFi in your hands gives you access to almost everything you can find the world-wide-web.

There are a lot of benefits which one can get with the use of a wifi enabled phone. Here are a few of them that you need to know about—just in case you haven’t fully exhausted your phone ’s capability!

Take Advantage of Free Calls

Many applications can allow you to call people for free locally or internationally for a low cost. One of them is Skype. In fact, you will find it hard to see any phones with WiFi not installed with a Skype Messenger. With Skype, you can save a significant amount of cash by chatting or calling your friends, colleagues and family for low or no cost at all.

Apart from that you may also use this Skype client to call people using computers—say for example you’re having a conference meeting with other people through phone. Connecting with them can be possible whether you’re currently hitting your treadmill goals or while getting yourself a decent massage and a spa.

Social Networking Galore

If you are a fan of social networking sites like Twitter, Foursquare or Facebook, a phone with Wi-Fi is the best deal for you. Update all the time where Wi-Fi connection is available, chat with friends and express yourself—after all, that’s what social networks are all about! Also, many phones with WiFi, especially smartphones may come handy with clients/ software that can make social networking a lot easier and comfortable.

Everything At the Touch of Your Fingertips

Say you want to impress your professor during class but got no means to rush to the library to get your hands on piles of resources… if an open Wi-Fi network is available—voila! You just got yourself a new buddy! Browse any site you want and research everything you need to learn about without lifting your butt from where you are seated. That’s how powerful and simple life can be with the proper phone.

Save Some Cash on 3G Data Rates

It is undeniable that mobile data plans are a bit costly. While most 3G enabled phones also have built in Wi-Fi capability, maximizing the use of Wi-Fi technology when there are available hotspots can save you money. Also, Wi-Fi connectivity is more stable than 3G or 4G connections allowing you to browse sites, view streaming videos, download applications, in a faster speed!

An efficient is a great tool for many people—may you be a student in junior high, a salesman or a CEO of a huge multi-national company. Wi-Fi is an indispensable technology and putting it inside a phone makes it a powerful force to reckon with.
Phones with wifi

are the norm so be sure to hop on board